Beastly Theories

Beastly Theories (Episode 54) Rewild your Life - with Tom Sewid

February 16, 2021

Join me as I chat with Sasquatch Island's - Tom Sewid. A Kwakwaka'wakw Indian. Tom talks about his life before Bigfoot, his experiences in one of Canada's infamous 'schools' for first nations children, his decision to embrace his roots and live in the wilderness of Vancouver Island and his experiences with the Dzoonakwa (the Kwaiutl name for Sasquatch) and Bukwus; a small bipedal hair covered creature.

Tom's knowledge of Sasquatch behaviour and the seamless way in which he connects the dots between tribal folklore and modern day reports of these creatures, paints a picture, clear for all to see, of a creature that has been ethno-known from time immemorial.


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